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Melody II Water Ionizer (5-Plates)

Melody II UltraWater Filtration Comprehensive testing shows that Melody Water Filter...
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Melody II Water Ionizer (5-Plates)

Melody II Water Ionizer (5-Plates)

$1,795.00 $1,795.00

Melody II Water Ionizer (5-Plates)

$1,795.00 $1,795.00

Melody II UltraWater Filtration

Comprehensive testing shows that Melody Water Filter effectively removes many dangerous contaminants from drinking waters, among many 21 heavy metals, 65 pharmaceuticals, 3 OTC drugs, 7 Hormones, 15 pesticides and herbicides, preservatives and wastewater indicators, 45 VOCs, and 5 other anions & disinfectants - a total of 249 contaminants!

Smart Electrodes (5-Plates)

Melody Water Filter is equipped with Smart Design Electrodes, which use the highest quality of Japanese titanium and platinum plates, along with very precise Korean engineering. All together, it creates the most efficient, longest lasting and highest performing electrodes. Smart Electrodes created by advanced technology!

Real Time Flow Control System

We use the Real Time Flow Control System which automatically modulates the SMPS power (Switched Mode Power Supply) as it pulses to the electrodes, ensuring you automatically get maximum efficiency with lasting performance. The more advanced and smart Real Time Flow Control System prevents high power consumption and burn outs of electrodes.

New and Improved DARC II Cleaning System

Originally DARC cleaning system was introduced in 2006 and was the best system on the market. Right now it has been modified and upgraded to DARC II to be more effective and reliable. 

Other Features and Benefits:

Hydrogen Infusion Technology in the Melody Water FilterThe Melody Water Filter and Ionizer equipped with the proprietary membrane  along with with Smart Electrodes create H2 Infusion Technology and allow to deliver unmatched H2 performance.

The pH and -ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) ProductionThe Melody II Water Filter will create up to an 10.0+ pH depending on the mineral concentration in your water and the flow rate. The Oxidation Reduction Potential, also called redox,  reaches -700 mV or ORP.  Oxidizing agents create deterioration by finding electrons to balance themselves out and reducing agents are antioxidants that counteract oxidation. They have extra electrons and are able to give some away. The ORP level shows by how much the substance is likely to reduce or oxidize something else. Water with a high pH level has a higher amount of reducing agents and is marked by  (negative)-ORP.  Water with a low pH has a higher amount of oxidizing agents and is designated by (positive)+ORP. On average, tap water has an ORP between +200 and +600mV. Our Melody II Ionizer's ORP is measured at -700mV, making it very potent anti-oxidizer and one of the best on the market.

Choose from 8 pH Levels – The Melody Water Filter allows to choose the level of pH that suits your needs.

Dual Filtration The Safety of UltraWater tested in an independent EPA-certified lab against 249 contaminants, reducing 99.9% of them, even the toughest ones. No need for extra external cartridge like some other companies offer as “custom” clean water filters. This means the cleanest water for less cost and less hassle.

Precise Flow Control System provides better performance. You can monitor the flow rate on the LCD display and use the flow control knob to easily select or set the flow rate you like.

Hot Water Sensor – protect your Melody II water ionizer against the damage that can be caused by inadvertent hot water.

Cell Safe Technology the BPA-free water cell is made using NSF certified material and pressure rated to 90 psi.

8 pH Selectable Levels Choose the level of pH that suits your needs.

One Touch Convenience One Touch Technology allows you to easily and precisely control your Melody II water ionizer's functions with just one touch.

Filter Replacement Alert an LCD Filter Counter displays the clean water filter life as you use it. Voice and icon reminders alert you when it is time to change your filters.

Installation Options at your sink (attached with a diverter), at your sink (plumbed directly to the cold-water line), or under your sink with an Under-sink Kit.

Elegance Melody Water Filter offers unmatched quality finish, stylish and elegant design.


AlkaViva Filter Profile

Superior UltraWater Filtration

UltraWater filtration technology eliminates bad contaminants while preserving beneficial minerals. Renowned for its effectiveness, UltraWater is the only ionizer tested for 249 contaminants. Comprehensive EPA/NELAP certified lab tests prove it is the only filter to significantly reduce up to 99.9% of the most difficult pollutants, including arsenic, chromium VI, lead, VOCs and pharmaceuticals.

Advanced Technology delivers High Efficiency and Maximum Performance.

The Advanced Power Supply with Auto-Adjust Technology offers precision and longevity due to the use of pulsed SMPS power. This helps to minimize any damage to the electrodes and improve the overall efficiency of the system compared to old, high wattage systems.

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