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These are specialty filters for specific contaminant removal such as nitrates, nitrites, sulfites arsenic.  They can be used with AquaCera® pressure filter systems.

The arsenic reduction filter incorporates a specially formulated ferric-oxide based activated alumina with five times the adsorptive capabilities of unpromoted activated alumina. It is effective at removing arsenic at a wider range of pH and requires little or no pH adjustment of the raw water. The material is drinking water grade quality, and suitable for potable water treatment. The media is post treated for low aluminum leachability into treated water.

The nitrate reduction filter elements are designed to reduce nitrates, nitrites, and sulfates in drinking water. They are constructed with materials which are FDA approved. They can be regenerated with brine. The A-3 filter element uses an ion exchange resin that has been especially prepared for the reduction of nitrates and nitrites in drinking water. It will remove essentially prepared 100% of all of the nitrates, nitrites and sulfates from drinking water for approximately 7,500 ppm. To determine the total water volume which can be treated, divide 7,500 ppm by the total ppm of nitrates (plus sulfates) in the supply water; the result is the number of gallons of water can be treated before regeneration is necessary. 

Options Include:

  • A5 - Arsenic reduction (Available in both Slimline & Imperial sizes)
  • A3 - Nitrate reduction (Available in both Slimline & Imperial sizes)
  • NoScale™ Limescale/Hardness reduction
  • UF - Hollow fiber membrane

    Filter life is approximately 400 gallons.

    We do not use activated alumina in any of our products.

    Proudly made in the USA

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