AQUARINSE™ Well System (Iron & Sulfur Removal)

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The AquaRinse™ AirDraw systems incorporate exclusive Ironsorb™ medias for complete removal of troublesome iron, Sulphur, and manganese in residential well applications. 

The AquaRinse Chemical Free systems are designed around two different sets of parameters which is decided by water chemistry. Well water with Sulphur problem must use the GSP based units as the mixture of Ironsorb medias is prepared differently to well water problems only consisting of iron and manganese. The Ironsorb medias are capable of removing the unwanted contaminants for a period of 5-7 years of continued service without replacement. These systems work on the premise of air injection directly into the unit during the regeneration process. Regeneration occurs every 3 days during periods of no water usage whereby the filtered contaminants are flushed to drain. there are no restrictions on the waste stream as no chemicals or byproducts are expelled. 


Benefits of AquaRinse IronSorb:

  • No chemicals for regeneration
  • No chemicals for pre-oxidation
  • No mechanical air injection devices
  • Fully automatic- Set it and forget
  • 8 hour battery backup
  • Fully programmable for future upgradability 
  • 10 Year warranty on physical components
  • Annual Preventive maintenance only
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High levels of filtration efficiency

Conditions for proper operation:

  • pH 6.8-8.8
  • Iron - less than 12ppm
  • Manganese - less than 5ppm
  • Sulphur - less than 5ppm
  • Chemical oxidants - less than 0.2ppm
  • Well pump sufficient to provide at least 5gpm

ARAD-FAB- Iron & Manganese Removal

ARAD-GSP- Iron, Manganese, & Sulphur Removal

    Well Pump sufficient to provide at least 5 gallons per minute continuous.

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